On the Issues

Strengthening our Schools
President of her Community Education Council as well as a member of the Parent Teacher Associations and School Leadership Teams, and as a mother of three school-age children within the NYC Public School System for numerous years, Adriana sees firsthand the challenges our school communities face.

As our Council Member, Adriana will be an advocate for all families to make sure they have a voice in how resources as well as budgetary allowances within our schools have been allocated. Adriana will also work together with our educators to ensure they have the educational tools as well as funding, to help our children succeed. Adriana will work to increase capacity in our schools because too many of our schools are severely overcrowded. Queens is especially short changed when it comes to high schools, and Adriana will work with city planning as well as the School Construction Authority to change this.

Keeping our Communities Safe
As a 20-year NYPD veteran, Adriana knows what it means to serve and protect our community. That’s why she will work with law enforcement to make sure our communities are safe, every New Yorker’s rights are protected, and invest in Northeast Queens. On the City Council, Adriana will work to make sure police officers have the support and resources they need to serve and protect.

Protecting our Quality of Life
We love our neighborhoods because of the quality of life they provide for us and our families. On the City Council, Adriana will work to make sure the city does its part to keep our parks and streets safe, clean, accessible, and in good repair.

Supporting Small Businesses
The Pandemic has crushed our economy and has closed the door of many of our small businesses.  As a result, many families are struggling financially.  Adriana will fight to keep our small business open so that not only will these families be able to feed their own, but our communities will be able to thrive.

Serving the Most Vulnerable
As our Council Member, Adriana Aviles will work to make sure our seniors have the necessary services they need to enjoy their quality of life. That means making sure funding for our senior centers are allocated so that they stay open year-round with the necessary resources, in home services are better managed, and transportation is free and accessible.

Our children need not only a proper education, they also need safe and healthy spaces to grow and learn.  This means our parks as well as our libraries need to be funded and not forgotten. 

Creating Transportation Options
Our families deserve well thought out transportation alternatives that are not only safe, but clean for our environment. As our City Council member Adriana will work with the MTA as well as DOT to create safe and sensible alternatives so our neighbors can get around in the way that works best for them and their families.

Controlling Property Taxes
New Yorkers pay a lot in property taxes and we have the right to demand we get our money’s worth. As our City Council Member, Adriana will never support raising taxes just because it’s the easy way out. She will make it her mission to protect taxpayers from an increase while keeping city services all New Yorkers rely on for a stronger city.

Protecting Immigrant Communities
As the child of an immigrant herself, Adriana knows first-hand what it takes for immigrant families to succeed. Family, hard work, education, and the support of the community. Adriana will continue to support immigrant families within our communities.